FOG Photonics®INS8000 Ring Laser Gyro - Positioning Sensor

INS8000 Ring Laser Gyro - Positioning Sensor systems is built in 0.008 degrees/hr high precision ring laser gyro, 10ug high precision quartz accelerometer, with the aid of the innovative inertial device error calibration compensation and strapdown navigation technology, it can achieve precision of 0.06 degrees self north seeking and 1nmile/hr autonomous navigation accuracy.
To ensure the compatibility requirements, the product is equipped with a new integrated navigation sensor together with “Starneto Fusion Engine (SFE)”, the GNSS receiver can be external connected, making the use of the SFE block with GNSS, Optimal design of multi path interference, and with the auxiliary conditions of GNSS the product maintain the high accuracy output with much longer time.

In order to meet more applications,This device accept the external sensors such like Milemeter /DVL/Barometric altimeter.Multi sensors(Milemeter /DVL/Barometric altimeter) integrated into our INS8000 system,it guarantees this system with the high accuracy output fora long time.The INS8000 Systems have an excellent performance in application like Compass for vessels and high precision positioning and orientation(POS) application.

About Ring Laser Gyro Technology

Optical technologies RLG & FOG sensing technologies form the basis of many of our motion sensors. Their role is to measure the rotation of a device in free space. Both technologies use a phase interferometry to achieve these rotational measurements. The RLG or the FOGs are arranged in a group of 3, and complimented with 3 matched accelerometers, to form a 6 Degree Of Freedom (DOF) inertial measurement unit (IMU).

RLG technology The monolithic RLGs used by FOG photonics are extremely stable over a range of temperatures and are available in 2 performance grades. A wide range of products, from the MiniRLG to the INS8000 are available with this technology. They are also available as positioning solutions, as they have embedded inertial navigation algorithms. When supplied with a DVL, the system can use the data from the DVL directly to aid the solution. Where most other technologies would have a hard time operating, RLGs are able to perform under adverse environmental conditions.

Product Features

    Product hinglights 

    Military grade device
    Built in tactical inertial measurement device: 0.008
    °/hr Ring laser gyro, 10ug accelerometer

    Autonomous Navigation
    High precision,Totally inertial navigation: 1nmile/hr

    Self seeking north
    High precision self seeking north: 0.06 degrees north seeking accuracy

    Good compatibility
    Built-in GNSS Receiver
    Support Compass B1B2and GSM Band2/3/8, TDS Band34/39, TDD-LTE Band38/39/40

    Compass function
    With Drift Free Compass function

    Low noise, high update rate Solution(High bandwidth)
    high update rate 
    200Hz data update rate

    Support storage
    With 16G data storage added,Support theSupport the storage of navigation data / raw data / external user data

    Excellent scalability
    Support a variety of external sensors (odometer /DVL/ altimeter etc.)

    Flexible configuration protocol
    NMEA0183 standard protocol output match with as many as 20 kinds of proprietary protocols

    Waterproof and dust proof
    Waterproof and dust proof
    IP CODE:IP67

    Customizable selection
    Interface, storage, precision grade

Technical Specification

System accuracy

Self seeking north


Attitude accuracy


Totally inertial navigation accuracy


GNSS Group Horizontal positioning accuracy

single-point L1/L21.2m

GNSS Group speed accuracy


Combined Odometer Positioning precision

0.1%Mileage (depending on the external odometry accuracy)

The Accuracy of heavy movement

5cm or 1%

Start time


Self seeking time


Measuring range

Azimuth measuring range

0° - 360°

Pitch angle measuring range


Rolling angle measuring range


Angular rate






Main device performance



Ring laser gyro

Measuring Range


Bias stability



Measuring Range


Bias stability


Data interface


2 channelsRS232/RS422 Customizable configuration)、1channel RS232


1 channel




1 way differential signal2 ways of Single-Ended
Support PPS

Auxiliary sensors

Milemeter /DVL/Barometric altimeter interface

Storage capacity


Data update rate


Power Requirements


24V DC Rated18-36V DC

Power consumption


Physical characteristics 





Environmental characteristics


20~500HzVibration acceleration:5g



Operating temperature

-40°C - +71°C





Optional accessories

Mileage meter Kit

Doppler speed radar / wheel speed sensor

Barometric altimeter Kit

10~1200HpaResolution 0.1HpaHeight measurement accuracy10mMax

RTK Differential radio

radio modem 433 MHz /900MHz/2.4GHz

Navigation post processing software

The processing results can reach level requirements of Surveying and mapping


Land field

Unmanned aerial vehicle
Aerial survey
Flight recorder
Land positioning and orientation

High dynamic range
High bandwidth measurement
Full temperature calibration compensation
The optimization of Virbration environment precision
INS/GNSS Integrated design
The built-in 16G data storage
Barometric altimeter combination

Air field

Intelligent unmanned vehicle
City surveying and mapping
High-speed railway track inspection
Vehicular satellite communication

 High-accuracy Inertial Measurement Unit(Miltary Grade)

After surveying and mapping navigation processing function
High precision time synchronization
Ethernet/CAN interface
Support the standard 12V vehicle DC power source
SFE Multi sensor fusion technology GNSS/odometer/RTK

Sea field

Hydrological survey
Channel detection
Ship compass
Unmanned surface vehicle

0.06°self seeking north
High precious measurement technology

of ship heavy movement
Support connection of Ship carrying equipment(maxium 4 ways)
IP67 protection grade
Support the NMEA standard protocol

Underwater field

Underwater vehicle

SFE the multi-sensor data fusion technology DVL/UBSL
Support the” Drift Free “compass function


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