Gyro Products Motion testing and simulation products

Exercise testing and emulational products achieve the inertial sensors (gyroscopes, accelerometers), inertial navigation system, stable platform, the guide means and flight control system performance exercise test, precision test requirements incentives,with producing by the space requirements such as the angular position , angular velocity and angular acceleration and so on. Combined with comprehensive environmental test chambers,it can also complete a  variety of integrated environmental and exercise conditions comprehensive test for research, measurement, calibration, verify the relationship between the model parameters and the environment of the test piece.Exercise test and simulation products are used for the inertial device testing, aircraft control, navigation, guidance, target detection technology and all kinds of dynamic simulation and emulational situations, covering uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial, five degrees of freedom.


Product Features

     Integrated the inertial measurement technology and the rotary table technology,the system have a profound understanding of the influence of the turntable error model and the turntable's error on the inertial measurement;
    ● Strong test compatibility,meet all kinds of test devices (laser, optical fiber, flexibility, MEMS inertial devices and systems) test needs;
    ● Electromagnetic compatibility is strong,meet all kinds of test products testing electromagnetic compatibility requirements;
    ● Modular, standardized, and serial development production mode, with good reliability and stability.
    ● Products with good openness, high degree of software, the product is easy to be upgraded;
    ● One - button operation available, easy for development of new products and automation test for production line.


Technical Specification



Axis/degrees of freedom

One axisTwo axes, three axes, five axes six-degree-of-freedom and multiple degrees of freedom of combined movement

Structural style

Vertical and horizontal

Positioning accuracy index


Rate range


Rate accuracy


Dynamic system parameters

Bandwidth 150Hz ( -3dB one axis),Max angular

 acceleration20000º/s2(one axis)

Precision centrifuge

The centrifugal acceleration range: 0.01g ~ 200g, the Accuracy of the integrated acceleration: 5x10-6

Slip Ring

120 Ring/3A


● Inertial measurement and calibration application: The evaluation of product calibration, testing, performance / parameter (inertial instrument, inertial measurement unit and inertial platform;)
● Simulation of flight control :control and Simulation of flight test; 
● Seeker test and simulation application: Test and Simulation of seeker,Thesimulator of target tracking;
● Motion simulation Application: Simulation of all kinds of Movement environment,
● Simulation of integrated environmental areas: all-weather environment  test equipment conditions.(mainly for high and low temperature, humidity, vacuum environment)

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